Nigeria in 5 Minutes


Some 118 folks have died in two car bomb explosions in Nigeria Unity beliefs peace and improvement Unity in a country where tribalism is mannerism and beliefs is a bait by politicians till time Peace in a country where chaos is culture, where in fact the leaders are centered on celebrations and your investment country in a country where market leaders fight themselves without respect to reputation and threat, is positioned on those who are a symbol of right in their occupation Yet freedom of conversation is within their demo-crazy, right?

How many folks can still stand with faith when the leaders are puzzled and fly away to relax? My teachers explained that the market leaders and ladders in this country where market leaders are liars looters and hypocrites in government attires only when serenity is not their propaganda to produce Purposeful Evil and Cause Eerie moments What improvement to be delivered in darkness to develop in darkness and trip in the mud.

Yet Atlanta divorce attorneys election, Electricity education street constructions will be the agenda.

That’s the improvement, right? I purchased my Benz in a season it bent while operating my vehicles in a roadless end we flex with vehicles but no street to cruise.

Television set but no light to use Wondering how long Nollywood will eventually lose.

The chairs are filled up with chair-men encircling the desk of tabula rasa If knowledge is power then it’s within the seas cause within my country power drowned knowledge inside the ocean What wish remains where abilities are dying Where everyone had dreams evidently foreseen.

Till aggravation leave them hopeless clean welcome to Nigeria where in fact the answer how are you is food cravings and Many people are Hustler.

The solution to your problems becomes exit because the problem is a great deal to face it Because you have to first eat unity and faith peace and progress a Country whose pride is unity and faith beneath two horses that are strength proclaimed and struggle acclaimed Since aggression and struggle is the truth of our Layer of Aims Where tribes come First prior to the nation.

The same reason we crave for peace stab our backs and desire to progress Where history is alive cos the men inside our history continue to be alive and change is not continuous however the rotation is without evolution.

Thank God education is our key but as it happens to be the lock While Spending times in JAMB centers stripped of most our dreams and looking forward to luck Education is scarce, our youths have been left out the clock.

Doing anything merely to reduce anxiety, even becoming a member of the cult Kidnapping for ransom since a currency is more appreciated than the data in a book first Come first provide basis money comes first instances yet easily graduate with high grade, I’ll stand in-line forever looking forward to work when all my hard works have been rewarded with 10,000 nairas cash unity and faith peace and progress Are we united in a country the herdsmen cut men’s mind where death is a culture since it’s all around the news Yet nobody gets captured till it’s no more the news.

Where in fact the people are used as bait in campaigns Yet abandoned by greedy leaders to suffer in pain for his or her gains Where in fact the youths have set you back computer for safety and Punishment to crimes are only cruelty what crime have I done as a suspect when leaders flout orders without respect What laws do we’ve in circumstances where in fact the senators reside in lawless state Nobody is above regulations?

These men are sitting on regulations and individuals are dying below regulations in the land where they may be born to shine wait, I’m pleased with my country despite all still cool We’ve talented people and we’ve beautiful towns the towns cant completely elect-tri- city But don’t be concerned our superhero have developed from green Lantern to generators in the towns You may still find the indigent in the metropolitan areas to be pitied However the wealthy are more understandable for their promotion So they control all vicinity with complete audacity to the level that individuals in the metropolitan areas earn a lot of respect even though they just stopped at actually we aren’t a capitalist condition 58 years and we still cant total to 10 Still babbling such as a child because I never really had the opportunity to chat Is a fool at 40 a really fool permanently? Cos I’m going to clock 60 taking in my mother’s diary.

Since food is expensive, we give food to by gas Our leaders are so young.

They may be even more than the country.

Our youths are receiving old sporting suits and carrying documents forever Our parents’ faces are shrinking wanting to make us smile.

But how do we smile? When our dreams are dying within us So welcome to my country where everything is arranged the Senators keep carefully the laws and regulations governors build the streets ministers? They come in current affairs The elected leader guideline the united states.

The market leaders are well educated and everyone is rich.

And because we scored 1/10 each year we awaken to state happy independence as though we are happy and indie.

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