The Next President of Nigeria. Who Will Win the 2019 Elections?

The Next President of Nigeria. Who Will Win the 2019 Elections?

It is in May 2019.

A figure stands prior to the massive group gathered at the Eagles Square in Abuja.

It’s the full day of presidential inauguration.

The incoming president is taking the oath of office now.

WHO’S IT? Muhammadu Buhari structured his 2015 election advertising campaign on three pillars.

He promised to revamp the overall economy, deal with insecurity, and battle corruption.

How have his APC authorities fared up to now? ECONOMYNigeria has just surfaced from its most severe economic downturn that lasted approximately 15 months.

In the 3rd quarter of the fiscal year 2017, GDP shows a 1.4% growth, surpassing the expectations of both International Monetary Finance and the World Loan company.

The IMF projected for Nigeria’s economy to develop by 0.8% in 2017.

The World Lender by1%.

The government now has a significant task of strengthening and sustaining the progress.

Sectors apart from oil have to be in concentrate, too.

The nationwide government must ensure inclusive, job-oriented growth.


The federal government and army officials say that recent Boko Haram episodes are “the last kicks of the dying equine”.

Let’s wish that shortly, we will hear the news headlines that the army has destroyed Boko Haram from the North-east once and for all finally.

The fates of the almost 2 million Nigerians displaced by the terrorists also depend on the national government.


Leader Buhari vowed to recuperate the amount of money stolen over years, get rough on those at the rear of the theft of community money, and strengthenNigeria’s anti-corruption systems.

Today, there are over 1,000 corruption situations prior to the courts.

Switzerland and the World Loan provider agreed to go back to Nigeria the $321 mil stolen by ex-military head Sani Abacha.

A large number of high-profile statistics have been charged and placed on trial.

Diezani Alison-Madueke, Sambo Dasuki, Bachir David Lawal are but those hateful pounds.

It is vital that Buhari, EFCC, and ICPC retain their tough position on corruption and prioritize compound over the show.

As their motherland is tackling the challenges individually, Nigerians have begun eyeing potential presidential candidates.

Atiku Abubakar has renounced his APC membership and re-joined the opposition PDP just.

Will this help the ongoing party re-group, create a clear strategy on Nigeria’s development, and in the thoughts and hearts of Nigerians in 2019? Will Atiku competition? Will Chief executive Buhari vie for his second term? Babatunde Fashola, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, Nasir El-Rufai, Bukola Saraki, the incumbent vice chief executive Yemi Osinbajo, Ali Modu Sheriff, Rochas Okorocha are among the names that Nigerians appear to be excited about.

In 2015, Nigeria received praise from the global community for safe largely, clean elections, and an amazingly peaceful transition of power from Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to Muhammadu Buhari who earned with 54% of the vote.

In 2017, the US observed that municipal elections in a variety of states were violence-free and credible as well.

The UN expects nothing less from the 2019 elections.

Inevitably, presidential promotions will soon officially symbolize the beginning of Election Fever.

Is it time for you to again transfer the energy yet? Who’ll emerge head of over 193 million Nigerian people in 2019?

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