Weight Loss Tips – Move Your Body More

Weight Loss Tips - Move Your Body More

You will lose weight if you burn more calories each day than you consume, that is the reality of weight loss. The really great news is that whenever you are moving around, you are burning calories, so it is very important that you strive to become as active as possible. Even small changes to your daily routine and lifestyle can add up to make a real difference to your weight and fitness level. With a little thought and effort, we can all lead a more active life.

Your Current Lifestyle

People often say that they do not have the time to exercise, and it is true that the majority of us are now living more hectic lives. But leading a more active lifestyle does not have to be time-consuming or involve hours on the treadmill or pumping iron. Start by taking a good look at your daily lifestyle and activity levels.

The following questions will help you evaluate how active your current lifestyle is:


  • Do you perform a physical job or are you mainly sitting down at work?
  • Do you tend to drive or use the bus the majority of the time, even for short journeys?
  • Do you spend long periods of your spare time sitting down watching television?
  • Do you regularly perform an activity that raises your heart rate?


After answering the above questions, you will have a better idea of how active your lifestyle is. If you have turned into a bit of couch potato, then don’t panic as it is never too late to become more active.


Leading A More Active Lifestyle


If you want to lose weight, becoming more active is a great goal to aim for. Before you change your habits, you need to change your thinking. Look for opportunities throughout each day to become more active, it is easier than you think as any amount of movement is better than none.

Here are a few suggestions to keep you more active:


  • Start walking to work and the local shops.
  • Use the stairs whenever possible.
  • Go for a walk during your lunch hour.
  • Pace around while you are on the phone.
  • Get up during the commercial breaks and walk around the house.
  • Turn the TV off once a week and go and do a sports activity or something else physical.
  • Get up from your desk regularly and move around.
  • Take a brisk walk after dinner.

The key is to become more aware of your level of activity, and constantly strive to increase it. Every bit of movement will move you a step closer to your weight loss goals, so get your body moving and burn those calories.

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